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Turn Your Pain
into POWER.

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“I would highly recommend Lisa's offerings to anyone who wants to find lasting peace and live a better life.”

—  Kent Scheibel, Certified Life Coach

"When you can lose your anxiety about fixing everything,

you'll discover a loving Intelligence that knows what to do."

--Martha Beck

Hi there, beautiful soul!

Are you struggling with a challenge or self-defeating pattern that feels beyond you?


Do you tend to be a worrier, overthinker, perfectionist or "too sensitive?"


Would you like to find real peace and healing and create a life you love to live?


Well, what if I told you that you already hold the answers & healing you seek?

And that you have the power to radically transform yourself and your life?

Hi, I'm Lisa, and I'm an intuitive Holistic Life Coach who can help you overcome your biggest challenges by connecting to your own innate wisdom and power.

I invite you to click below for a free 15-min chat. Let's explore how we can make some magic together.

Lisa B. Strong Holistic Coach & Author

Working with me, you can...

  • Transcend stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, toxic people & more.

  • Let go of your self-defeating patterns once and for all.

  • Tell your Inner Critic to take a hike and embrace true self-compassion.

  • Embody your authentic self to say, do and be what you actually want.

  • Get in touch with your buried dreams & your true heart's desires.

  • Make time for the rest & play you deserve, and reconnect with your childlike joy. (Yes! It's still in there!)

  • Discover your soul's unique purpose on this planet.


to your deeper self.


your challenges.


your life!



To inquire about my Holistic Life Coaching, my upcoming workshops or speaking at your organization, contact me for a free, no-pressure chat.

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